Death Has No Dominion - Death Has No Dominion (2014)

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Музыка: Альбомы, Pop, Rock
Death Has No Dominion - Death Has No Dominion (2014)
Artist: Death Has No Dominion
Title Of Album: Death Has No Dominion
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: SQE Music
Genre: Indie, Folk
Quality: 320 Kbps
Total Time: 34:13 min
Total Size: 84 MB


01. Harvest
02. Monkey Island
03. Reaching The Shore
04. Uproar in Heaven
05. Poughkeepsie Exit
06. May Your House Be Safe From Tiger
07. Out of your Mind
08. No Return
09. Daybreak Olympics

In the fall, some time ago, the two musicians Rasmus Bak and Bjarke Niemann went to upstate New York to stay in a black house once owned by Willem Dafoe. It is called the Rubber House and among its many strange features is a gigantic dance room. Rasmus and Bjarke drank a lot of wine in the house and they made a lot of music.

On the first night they wrote a song called “Poughkeepsie Exit,” a delicate, acoustic number that reveals a moody, intimate vibe. It opened their eyes to what this partnership could yield. They wrote more songs. They were interested in how a pair of ukuleles could manifest a soaring, quietly significant sound so unlike the instrument’s usual aesthetic. Things were not the same when Rasmus and Bjarke came back from that place.

Afterwards the duo met regularly in the studio, writing a new song every time they came together. There were many songs, recorded in Los Angeles, Copenhagen and New York. Some of the songs became an album they named after themselves. The first track, “Harvest,” set the tone for what followed, and each song constructed a visceral atmosphere of sound infused with emotive resonance. “Coming Like A Hurricane,” a propulsive, ambient number, opened the possibilities of that sound space. Those two numbers, along with “Poughkeepsie Exit,” are the key elements of the story.

Death Has No Dominion represents a new means of artistic creation, of going with the flow and accepting whatever emerges. It is about a pureness of energy and an emphasis on the significance simplicity can yield. It is something you can hear in every note that is played, and it is also something that is present in the silent spaces between the notes. That is the story of the band. You must listen to fully understand it.

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