The Wilderness of Manitoba - Between Colours (2014)

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Музыка: Альбомы, Pop, Rock
The Wilderness of Manitoba - Between Colours (2014)
Artist: The Wilderness of Manitoba
Title Of Album: Between Colours
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Pheramone Recordings
Genre: Indie, Folk, Rock
Quality: 320 Kbps
Total Time: 45:03 min
Total Size: 110 MB


01. Big Skies
02. Leave Someone
03. Disappearing
04. Fade from My Light
05. When You Go
06. Shift
07. Smoke Leaves a Trace
08. Shadow Forgiveness
09. Through Blue Light
10. The Movement of Stars

The Wilderness of Manitoba’s fourth studio album, Between Colours would best suit a coffee shop or on stage at Taste of Edmonton, and would be a great album to play in the car with your parents. That’s not to say that any of the songs are unpleasant in the slightest, but rather feel safe and mildly dated.
The opening track, “Big Skies,” features the dreamy vocals of lead singer Will Whitwham, heavy on the reverb. The song’s only real flaw is that it lasts about two minutes longer than it should and features two expressive guitar solos. The real hit of the album is the second track titled “Leave Someone,” which captures the whimsy of indie-pop music through harmonies and cymbal-heavy drumming. It would definitely be a top candidate for a breakup mix-tape.
Unfortunately for listeners who had their engines revved from “Leave Someone,” the following eight tracks are best described as “adequate.” “Fade From My Light” features the talents of supporting vocalist Amanda Balsys, whose soft voice is overpowered by the intense drums. The album catches back up with the fast-paced “Shift,” although the dull vocals and repetitive backing track make the four minutes last longer than desired. The final four tracks are riddled with Guitar Hero-quality solos and closes with “The Movement of Stars,” which features Balsys repetitively vocalizing before a drum solo brings the album to its natural conclusion.

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