Totakeke - me.tem.psy.cho.sis (2014)

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Музыка: Альбомы, Ambient, Electronic, IDM, Industrial
Totakeke - me.tem.psy.cho.sis (2014)
Artist: Totakeke
Title Of Album: me.tem.psy.cho.sis
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Hands Productions
Genre: Electronic, Ambient, IDM, Industrial, Rhythmic Noise
Quality: 320 Kbps
Total Time: 70:45 min
Total Size: 162 MB


02. trans.mi.gra.tion
03. me.tem.psy.cho.sis
06. abra.sion
07. por.tent
08. re.ten.tion
10. in.the.woods
11. sysrq-
12. trig.ger
14. com.pos men.tis

New York-based Frank Mokros has already had a number of releases on HANDS, as four well-received albums under his electro industrial guise SYNTH-ETIK, also with his technoid project ATIV, now he (re-)joins for his sixth TOTAKEKE album. Under this moniker he has made himself a name for diligent sound design and deep electronica. Instead of sonic dabbling, he produces tight and poignant tracks. With “Me.Tem.Psy.Cho.Sis” he has created a very topical electronica album, with plenty of atmospheric moments, also successfully integrating the rhythmic impact of his past projects, the result being quite upfront – IDM with balls. Totakeke is an acquired taste, but one that’s easy on your buds – if you’re a seasoned electronic music listener. Me.Tem.Psy.Cho.Sis follows in the tradition of blending ambient atmospheres as in “R.Ai.Th”, “In.An.I.Mate” or the title track with piercing rhythms and a plethora of influences: “Por.Tent” is raw experimentalism, “In.Vo.Ca.Tion” or “Sysrq-“ have a very cinematic sound, and tracks like “Re.Ten.Tion” or “Trig.Ger” hint at how EBM might sound if it had dared to progress. The entirety of Me.Tem.Psy.Cho.Sis has a strong arc of suspense, from the dark intro over the rhythmic alternating with more freeform parts to the apex of “Com.Pos Men.Tis”, an irresistible rhythmic dance floor weapon. The general sound of Me.Tem.Psy.Cho.Sis is very progressive and unique, blending all elements into a coherent flow with the album’s storyline – highly enjoyable 70 minutes for the electronic gourmet.

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