Oyaarss - Zemdega (2014)

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Музыка: Альбомы, Dubstep, Electronic, IDM, Industrial
Oyaarss - Zemdega (2014)
Artist: Oyaarss
Title Of Album: Zemdega
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Ad Noiseam
Genre: Electronic, Experimental, Dubstep, IDM, Industrial
Quality: 320 Kbps
Total Time: 51:12 min
Total Size: 120 MB


01. Cetrvienība (2:49)
02. Izniekotā laika hronikas (3:38)
03. Divdabība (5:12)
04. Trīsvienība (2:43)
05. Rītrīts (4:16)
06. Slikta dardedze (7:25)
07. Brustwart (6:47)
08. Purva līdējs (5:46)
09. Zemsega (6:18)
10. Trombocīts (6:00)

Oyaarss's third album combines the weight and harsh tones of "Bads" with the poetic atmospheres of “Smaida greizi nakamiba”. Born out of cold Latvian winters and of collaboration with like-minded musicians and authors, it is a work of both colossal weight and evocative beauty. Rich in emotions, „Zemdega“ is an album which twists the rules of electronic music to give birth to a wide, evocative and deeply humane musical landscape.

Two years after the joint releases of his first two albums, Oyaarss presents his first work since his return to Latvia. Besides building a new studio and setting up a new live show featuring live guitars and drums, he has spent his time perfecting ten new tracks which extend his musical scope. “Zemdega” is the result of this self-rediscovery, born of Riga's cold winters and of collaborations with like-minded artists such as Colin H. van Eeckhout (singer of the post-metal outfit Amenra) or Latvian authors Eduards Aivars and Agnese Krivade.

“Zemdega is a word which might be a bit complicated for a non-Latvian speaker”, wrote Oyaarss when he was looking for a title for this new album. As it has always been the case, his music goes hand in hand with his love for the Latvian's language. “Something that burns under the ground”, a hidden marsh or forest fire, the concept of a “Zemdega” describes well the flame that burns at the core of Oyaarss's music. Deconstructed melodies, distorted beats and distant voices: from the introductory “cetrvieniba” to the uplifting conclusion of “Trombocīts”, Oyaarss's new album is a game of hidden revelations, of subdued emotions and slow transformations.

Oyaarss's third album confirms this act's talent for very personal, powerful and original sound. The music on “Zemdega” is both heavy and atmospheric, distorted yet modern. It references metal and industrial music as much as modern classical experimentations and poetry. “Beauty through destruction” is how a reviewer once described Oyaarss; “Zemdega” might be beauty through transformation.

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