Kollektiv Ost – K.O (2014)

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Музыка: Альбомы, Club, House, Minimal
Kollektiv Ost – K.O (2014)
Artist: Kollektiv Ost
Title Of Album: K.O
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Der Turnbeutel
Genre: Minimal,Tech House,Deep House
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps
Tracks: 14
Total Time: 01:28:21
Total Size: 223 MB

01. Kollektiv Ost - KintrO (03:14)
02. Kollektiv Ost - Shanti 2014 (08:16)
03. Kollektiv Ost - Rodriquez Faszanatas (07:37)
04. Kollektiv Ost - You Didi (06:48)
05. Kollektiv Ost - Slow Me Down (07:04)
06. Kollektiv Ost - Da Thong (07:03)
07. Kollektiv Ost - Aye Aye KO (07:08)
08. Kollektiv Ost - Herzog Alba (06:34)
09. Kollektiv Ost - Winter Game (06:04)
10. Kollektiv Ost - Ottendorf Orkrilla (06:47)
11. Kollektiv Ost - Not Yet (06:23)
12. Kollektiv Ost - KOutrO (01:30)
13. Kollektiv Ost - Ramada (feat. Matarda) (07:07)
14. Kollektiv Ost - Dodow (06:40)

The German duo Kollektiv Ost will publish what will be his debut album, KO, next October 10 via Der Turnbeutel.

For those who do not know Kollektiv Ost is an original project in northeastern Germany, Mecklenburg, and consists of Sandro Schaufler and Marcel Schulz. Established in 2003, the "collective this" has become a weekend relationship for both producers synonymous with underground raves now transformed into physical form.

German based Sandro Schäufler and Marcel Schulz used the energy from two different worlds to bring on that album, which is simply fresh. One of them lives in the capital of Techno, in a crazy and loud world, where music is like a pulse rate - Berlin. Meanwhile Sandro stays in his native country with a view on lakes, trees, untouched nature and many moments of total silence. And that is, what you are hearing in songs like „Winter Game“ or „Not Yet“. It is a mixture of influences, well balanced and gently brought to the peak.

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