Federico Durand - La Estrella Dormida (2014)

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Музыка: Альбомы, Ambient, Electronic
Federico Durand - La Estrella Dormida (2014)
Artist: Federico Durand
Title Of Album: La Estrella Dormida
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: White Paddy Mountain
Genre: Electronic, Ambient
Quality: FLAC
Total Time: 41:48 min
Total Size: 181 MB


01. Té de manzanilla
02. La estrella dormida
03. El fantasma de un niño ronda el invernadero
04. A través del espejo
05. Caída libre
06. Pequeña pieza para lira y cintas de cassette
07. Primeras luces del día
08. Reflejos del sol en la superficie del agua
09. El sueño de Fabergé
10. Despierta, todo esta está cubierto de nieve

The Argentinean Federico Durand has never used drone as escapism. Where the genre might often be seen as isolating and lonely -- a genre for artists, not bands; a person, but never people -- Durand is always in company. On 'El libro de los árboles mágicos', he claims he was so comforted by the quaint village house his mother lived in that he was compelled to make a record in tribute to it, as if it had been by his side for the whole compositional process, a guiding force for the music as well as its muse. And while 'La Estrella Dormida' doesn't have a specific place or person uprooted next to it, it too sounds like the work of a man in tune with his world, totally in love with the sounds of nature and the reasons they get made. If you want dark ambient for your locked basement, look away; if you want someone to bring a lamplight and hang out with you down there, Durand's your man.

'La Estrella Dormida' isn't anything particularly special, in terms of its ambient touchstones. Durand takes soundscapers Stars of the Lid as his starting point, though he also recalls the natural bluster of Anne Guthrie and the dronework of acts like the Fun Years, who stretch their sustained notes to breaking point, until they eventually snap back like an elastic band. What's most interesting is the synthesis of this with a whole palate of secondary sounds: flashes of percussion that tinker like a bell ringing against a sparse landscape, and the whirring melodies that occasionally ricochet around the place, as if they've been caught in a dream catcher. Durand's ambient has the stillness of the genre, but brings people and their movements to it and makes the beauty a little more specific. 'La Estrella Dormida' is made special because of these moments -- the ones where we can hear Durand making sound, as well as using it up, like on "Caida Libra", where guitar notes flutter gracefully about the noise. Can drones be relatable? If so, Durand's are like rubbing your eyes at the prospect of a new morning.

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