Quique Escamilla - 500 Years of Night (2014)

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Музыка: Альбомы, Pop, Reggae
Quique Escamilla - 500 Years of Night (2014)
Artist: Quique Escamilla
Title Of Album: 500 Years of Night
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Lulaworld Records
Genre: World
Quality: 320 Kbps
Total Time: 67:26 min
Total Size: 155 MB
WebSite: iTunes


01. Tiro de Garcia 06:28
02. Presa Facil 05:24
03. 500 Years of Night 06:08
04. Ni Uno Mas 06:53
05. Okavango 05:01
06. Huapango del Tequila 05:37
07. Mascara de Esperanza 05:04
08. Cotorras en la Sima 06:20
09. Fruta de Amor 04:14
10. Cancion Mixteca 04:55
11. Nuevo Dia, Hombre Libre 04:58
12. El Jinete 06:30

Quique Escamilla's new album, 500 Years of Night, tackles modern social issues with talent and candour. It must be stated from the beginning that Escamilla possesses the intangible ability to connect. The title track begins with the far-off pining of distant slide guitars, a remembrance of his Mexican home and the memory of past injustices. "500 Years of Night" is a magnetic call for action that, similar to Bob Marley, is structured like a protest song without losing any powerful musical merit. The sensory adventure provided by Escamilla is lovelorn and bitter, yearning for peace and resolution in a homeland presently in turmoil.

But Escamilla is a musician first and social commentator second: he effortless conveys delight on "Huapango del Tequila," as mariachi strumming and joyful trumpet flares give us a glimpse into the lighter side of Escamilla, while the placid tempo and delicate delivery of acoustic gem "Contorras en la Sima" paints an idealized pastoral landscape, natural and free from strife. Escamilla's ability to craft observant songs is second only to his ability to evoke empathy and beauty from the musical landscapes he creates.

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