Audiomachine - Monolith (2014)

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Музыка: Альбомы, Classical, Instrumental, OST, Soundtrack
Audiomachine - Monolith (2014)
Artist: Audiomachine
Title Of Album: Monolith
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Audiomachine
Genre: Orchestral, Classical, Instrumental, Score, Trailer Music
Quality: V0 Kbps
Total Time: 97:30 min
Total Size: 186 MB
WebSite: audiomachine


01. Of Gods and Men
02. Of Gods and Men [No Choir]
03. Of Gods and Men [Alt]
04. Of Gods and Men [Alt No Choir]
05. Sun and Steel
06. Sun and Steel [No Choir]
07. Infinitum
08. Infinitum [No Choir]
09. Aethos
10. Aethos [No Choir]
11. Aethos [Alt]
12. Aethos [Alt No Choir]
13. Oblivion
14. Oblivion [No Choir]
15. Oblivion [Alt]
16. Oblivion [Alt No Choir]
17. No Quarter
18. No Quarter [No Choir]
19. Ruins of Nan Madol
20. Ruins of Nan Madol [No Choir]
21. Ruins of Nan Madol [Alt]
22. Ruins of Nan Madol [Alt No Choir]
23. Sum of All Powers
24. Sum of All Powers [No Choir]
25. Quatrain
26. Quatrain [No Choir]
27. Magnus
28. Magnus [No Choir]
29. Devil’s Tower
30. Devil’s Tower [No Choir]
31. Dominium
32. Dominium [No Choir]

Audiomachine’s new industry release, Monolith, delivers a powerful, aggressive sound, fusing orchestra, choir, guitars and drums in epic fashion.

Monolith was composed by Kevin Rix and mixed by Greg Townley. It is Kevin Rix’s second solo album for audiomachine, after Millennium.

According to audiomachine, the album was originally supposed to be named after one of the tracks, “Sun and Steel”. “We had the artwork done and the image that Matt Varnish came up with actually inspired us to change the name to Monolith”, explains the company.

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