Motorpsycho - Demon Box (2014)

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Музыка: Альбомы, Alternative, Rock
Motorpsycho - Demon Box (2014)
Artist: Motorpsych
Title Of Album: Demon Box
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Rune Grammofon (Cargo Records)
Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie, Psychedelic
Quality: V0 Kbps
Total Time: 247:46 min
Total Size: 443 MB
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CD1 - Demon Box side A & B:

01. Waiting for the One 02:51
02. Nothing to Say 05:19
03. Feedtime 05:16
04. Gutwrench 04:49
05. Sunchild 04:07
06. Mountain 11:19
07. Tuesday Morning 04:23
08. All is Loneliness 05:08

CD2 - Demon Box side C & D:

01. Come on in 02:40
02. Step Inside Again 03:39
03. Demon Box 17:07
04. Babylon 02:23
05. Mr Who 02:01
06. Junior 04:34
07. Plan #1 07:39
08. Sheer Profoundity 03:38
09. The One Who Went Away 03:14

CD3 - Mountain EP / Another Ugly EP:

01. Mountain 11:14
02. Flesh Harrower 03:24
03. The House at Pooneil Corners 09:10
04. Viscount GriSnah 02:53
05. Sister Confusion (Confused version) 04:50
06. Another Ugly Tune 03:45
07. Watching You 04:37
08. She Used to be a Twin 07:03
09. Blueberry Daydream 04:50
10. Summertime is Here 06:40
11. Motorhead Mama 03:27
12. Home of the Brave (Live at Roskilde Festival 1993) 17:06

CD4 - The Ones Who Got Away: Rarities, Outtakes, Live Recordings:

01. Cherry Red 06:15
02. Hrre du ka sei 01:01
03. You Gave it All Away 06:59
04. The Sift 05:40
05. Demon Box 11:33
06. Come on in 05:11
07. The Golden Core 04:45
08. I Ddens Dal 01:13
09. Sheer Profoundity (Death to False Metal-mix) 02:45
10. Mason's Children 01:58
11. E de E 00:41
12. Beth 03:05
13. Sheer Profoundity (Live at Blitz, Oslo 1993) 03:28
14. Loaded (Live at Blitz, Oslo 1993) 02:37
15. Nothing To Say (Live at Blitz, Oslo 1993) 05:05
16. Demon Box (Live at Blitz, Oslo 1993) 16:51

Still the favourite with many Motorpsycho fans, the iconic "Demon Box" was also their breakthrough album and is a testament to their most drastic period of transition, from being a relatively, but not entirely, straight rock band largely met with indifference, to becoming a band where "shitt definitely falls in place", to quote Tommy Olsson's liner notes. It's also, notably, the only album in their vast catalog where Deathprod was a permanent member of the group. This re-issue follows those of "Timothy's Monster" and "Blissard" and has been possible with the kind permission and co-operation of Voices Of Wonder. Spread over five discs we get the following:Disc 1 and 2: "Demon Box" as it appears on the double vinyl edition and as it was envisaged by the band at the time. But the label only wanted to release it as a single CD, meaning that a couple of tracks, much to the bands regret, had to be left out. So this is actually the first ever CD release of the full "Demon Box" album. Disc 3: The two EPs that followed the album, plus "Home Of The Brave", a live recording previously available on a long deleted compilation. Disc 4: Various outtakes, live recordings and other rarities, mostly unreleased until now. Disc 5 (dvd): Something of a curio that will have the fans wetting their pants, for sure. A previously uncirculated, one-camera video documentation of the full gig at the Vera venue in Groningen, The Netherlands, September 19, 1993. Dark, shadowy, chaotic, loud, energetic and primitive, this is still the best audiovisual recording of a complete show from this period. The original 2LP edition of "Demon Box" is being released at he same time. This has been out of print for many years, and now fetches unhealthy prices on the net.

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