VA – Troubadours: Folk and the Roots of American Music, Part 1 (2014)

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Музыка: Альбомы, Alternative, Pop, Rock
VA – Troubadours: Folk and the Roots of American Music, Part 1 (2014)
Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Troubadours: Folk and the Roots of American Music, Part 1
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Bear Family
Genre: Folk, Country
Quality: 320 Kbps
Total Time: 202:42 min
Total Size: 465 MB
WebSite: amazon



01. Goebel Reeves: The Hobo's Lullaby
02. The Carter Family: I Never Will Marry
03. The Carter Family: Little Darling, Pal Of Mine
04. The Carter Family: Wildwood Flower
05. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special
06. Lead Belly: Western Plain (When I Was A Cowboy)
07. Lead Belly: Rock Island Line
08. Carl Sandburg: The Horse Named Bill
09. The Dixon Brothers: Weave Room Blues
10. Earl Robinson: Joe Hill
11. Earl Robinson: The House I Live In
12. Earl Robinson: The Frozen Logger
13. Josh White: One Meat Ball
14. Burl Ives: The Wayfaring Stranger
15. Woody Guthrie: Do Re Mi
16. Woody Guthrie: I Ain't Got No Home
17. Woody Guthrie: Pretty Boy Floyd
18. Woody Guthrie: Dusty Old Dust (So Long, It's Been Good To Know You)
19. Woody Guthrie: Babe O'Mine
20. Woody Guthrie: Grand Coulee Dam
21. Woody Guthrie: Ramblin' Round
22. Woody Guthrie: Hard Travelin'
23. Woody Guthrie: This Land Is Your Land
24. Woody Guthrie & Cisco Houston: Philadelphia Lawyer
25. Woody Guthrie: I've Got To Know


01. The Almanac Singers: Hard, Ain't It Hard
02. The Almanac Singers: Which Side Are You On
03. The Almanac Singers: Union Maid
04. The Almanac Singers: Union Train
05. The Almanac Singers: Sinking Of The Reuben James
06. The Union Boys: U.A.W.-C.I.O.
07. The Union Boys: A Dollar Ain't A Dollar Anymore
08. The Union Boys: Solidarity Forever
09. Sam Hinton: Old Man Atom (Talking Atomic Blues)
10. Dick Blakeslee: Passing Through
11. Vern Partlow: Newspapermen Meet Such Interesting People
12. Pete Seeger: Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues
13. Pete Seeger: The Death of Harry Simms
14. Pete Seeger: No Irish Need Apply
15. Pete Seeger: Darling Corey
16. Terry Gilkyson: The Cry Of The Wild Goose
17. Merle Travis: Sixteen Tons
18. Merle Travis: Dark As A Dungeon
19. The Weavers: Wasn't That A Time
20. The Weavers: Banks Of Marble
21. The Weavers: The Hammer Song
22. The Weavers: Goodnight Irene
23. The Weavers: So Long, It's Been Good To Know You
24. Duncan/Lieberman/Sanders/Smith: Die Gedanken sind frei


01. Cisco Houston: 900 Miles
02. Cisco Houston: Diamond Joe
03. Cisco Houston: Great American Bum
04. Jean Ritchie: Jubilee
05. Jean Ritchie: Dear Companion
06. Oscar Brand: Bootlegger's Song
07. Oscar Brand: Around Her Neck
08. Oscar Brand & Jean Ritchie: Paper Of Pins
09. Cynthia Gooding: Go Way From My Window
10. Ed McCurdy: John Brown's Body
11. Will Holt: Raspberries, Strawberries (Ah les fraises et les frambous)
12. Will Holt: The M.T.A.
13. Bob Gibson: Delia
14. Bob Gibson: Abilene
15. Paul Clayton: Gotta Travel On
16. Paul Clayton: Who'll Gonna Buy You Ribbons When I'm Gone
17. Paul Clayton: Pay Day At Coal Creek
18. The Gateway Singers: The Ballad Of Sigmund Freud
19. The Gateway Singers: Come To The Dance
20. The Easy Riders: Marianne
21. The Easy Riders: Strolling Blues
22. The Easy Riders: Green Fields
23. The Easy Riders: Kari Waits For Me
24. Vince Martin & The Tarriers: Cindy, Oh Cindy
25. The Tarriers: The Banana Boat Song
26. The Tarriers: Those Brown Eyes

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