Rucka Rucka Ali - Black Man Of Steal (2015)

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Музыка: Альбомы, Rap, Hip-Hop
Rucka Rucka Ali - Black Man Of Steal (2015)
Artist: Rucka Rucka Ali
Title Of Album: Black Man Of Steal
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Rucka Rucka Ali
Genre: Hip-Hop
Quality: 320 Kbps
Total Time: 105:01 min
Total Size: 241 MB
WebSite: amazon


01. Yeah, It's a Plane (Intro)
02. Supa Black Man
03. What the Black Says
04. Ebola (La La)
05. I'm Obama
06. All About That Rice (feat. DJ Not Nice)
07. Eff Germany
08. Ginger
09. 1 Up
10. Wigger
11. Obama Been Watchin'
12. I Have a Little Cock
13. Bing Bong
14. Because I'm White
15. Minecraft Won't Add Inches to Your Cock
16. I'm Just a Teenage Mutant, Ninja
17. Ring a Ding Dong
18. Crapping
19. Smack My Bitch
20. Coincidental Racist
21. Kim Jong Un Song
22. Just Like Black Peoples
23. I Wanna Rape
24. In the Sun
25. I Love Michelle
26. Let's Talk About Race
27. I'm Osama
28. I'm Not Racist
29. Fly Like Me

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