Sonera - Taking Me High (2016)

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Sonera - Taking Me High (2016)

Artist: Sonera
Title: Taking Me High
Label: Central Stage of Music
Style: Hands Up, Jumpstyle, Commercial
Release Date: 27.05.2016
Format: WEB, Single
Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
Tracks: 13 Tracks
Size: 140 Mb / 01:00:11 Min

01. Sonera - Taking Me High (Megastylez Remix Edit) 03:28
02. Sonera - Taking Me High (Basslovers United Remix Edit) 02:55
03. Sonera - Taking Me High (Cueboy And Tribune Remix Edit) 03:32
04. Sonera - Taking Me High (Original Classic Mix Edit) 04:48
05. Sonera - Taking Me High (Partystylerz Classic Remix Edit) 03:42
06. Sonera - Taking Me High (Dj Ozi Classic Remix Edit) 03:36
07. Sonera - Taking Me High (Megastylez Remix) 05:02
08. Sonera - Taking Me High (Basslovers United Remix) 04:42
09. Sonera - Taking Me High (Cueboy And Tribune Remix) 04:56
10. Sonera - Taking Me High (Original Classic Mix) 06:42
11. Sonera - Taking Me High (Partystylerz Classic Remix) 05:16
12. Sonera - Taking Me High (Dj Ozi Classic Remix) 05:23
13. Sonera - Taking Me High (Dj Dava Classic Remix) 06:04

The label "Central Stage of Music" was founded by Benjamin Heller on April 1st, 2009 with the subabels "Danceclusive", "Blue Destination" and "Ground 6". It has established itself in the dance scene in the course of the years and grows every day since.Within the last 6 years were opened various sublabel which offer different music genres. The respective label owner are at the moment Moritz Wagner & Dave Haake (Danceclusive), Anna-Patricia Thomsen (Good Source), Stefan Nicolaus (Blue Destination), Arnold Seif (Groove Gold), Jens Herbst (Stairwell), Henry Bumann (Saturnalya), Reinhard Lankes (Knusper) and Bert Brüggemann (Bassacre Traxx). Central Stage of Music founded series like "Best of Hands Up & Dance" or "Danceclusive 4 U", which are running very well.
Tribune aka Berndt Jesenko started producing music in 2007. At this time he was trying to produce different genres to find his own unique style. In 2008 he had his first remix-release in the Hands Up-Genre as DJ NoX. In the same year "Cueboy aka Jens Herbst" contacted "Berndt Jesenko" and asked him for a collaboration and of course it had to be Hands Up as well. The project Cueboy & Tribune was born. Before the first single "Breathless" was released at Central Stage of Music in 2012, they made quite a lot of remixes for Scarlet, Cc.K and other well-known artists.

Sonera - Taking Me High (2016)
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