Sexy Deep House Tracks (2016)

Размещено: 28-04-2016, 16:15 by mp3za
Музыка: Альбомы » House
Sexy Deep House Tracks (2016)

Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: Sexy Deep House Tracks
Год выхода: 28.04.2016
Жанр, Стиль: Deep House
Качество: MP3, 320 kbps
Тип: mixed by tracks
Размер: 213 MB
Лейбл: Berry Parfait


01. Hairy Orchard - Bad Teen (Houzee Mix)
02. Delirious Bird - Seven up Confusion (Vocal Deep Mix)
03. Audrey Langston - Another Day in the Lake (Frank Castle's Deep Mix)
04. Harry Ashton - Bye Bye Mivar (Martin Franklin Mix)
05. Alpha Carpet - Electric (K Groove's Deep Mix)
06. Radical Razors - Integration Controller (Mr. Deep Mix)
07. Channel Settings - Mind in Kaos (Paul Loop Mix)
08. Jack Izzard - Collective Immagination (6th Sense Mix)
09. Dazed Kiss - Pink Soap (Milano's Night Mix)
10. Flying Rage - Open Mind (Magic Mind Mix)
11. Channel Settings - Running (Full Grooves Mix)
12. Fader Of Cruise - Hot Consulting (Aetheric Mix)
13. Exotic Twilight - Prudent Running (Montecarlo's Groove Mix)
14. Alpha Carpet - American Bio (Deep Central Mix)
15. Dirty Brothers - Basic Scooper (Star of Peace Mix)
16. Blender Of The Harmony - Kiss for Nothing (Hotel 44's Room Mix)
17. Invert of Playground - Drooling Diablo (Le Blanque Mix)
18. Audrey Langston - Atlantide (Innboch Mix)
19. Level Of Encore - Optical (Deep Mix)
20. Radical Razors - Integration Controller (Illumination Mix)
21. Xavier Verdon - Leap in the Dark (Emmanuel Free Mix)
22. Xavier Verdon - Hypnotic Flower (Caesar Toro Deep Mix)
23. Tax Neglect - Cyborg Program (Makina Mix)
24. Channel Settings - Final Contact (Collins & Flowermann Mix)
25. Patrick Sunper - Dance in the Cave (Total Deep Mix)
26. Imogen Murray - Spending Rewiew (Deep Patrol Mix)
27. Doyle Braxton - Dreamer (Land of Dreams Mix)
28. Fresh Boner - Silicon Valley (Majestic Mix)
29. Exotic Twilight - Slipping Week (Stereo Deep Mix)
30. The Selfies - Inner Search (House Session Mix)

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